​​​Heritage Distributing, LLC

Double Green Fiber Cushion  This new innovative product solution with superior performance attributes, provides a solution to a landfill crisis for post – consumer waste carpet. Made from a proprietary blend of recycled carpet fibers and urethane foam create a carpet pad with all the benefits of a fiber carpet pad, but with feel underfoot of a fam cushion carpet pad. A unique manufacturing process produces a carpet pad with improved sound and impact ratings for a quieter home, in addition to improving the insulation factor reducing the loss of energy.

Made from recycled content. 100 % recyclable and contributes toward satisfying LEED building credits. Carpet America Recovery Effort – Double Green Classification.

Thermally Bonded without the use of any chemical adhesives. Hypoallergenic – Ozone Friendly!

Key Sizes: 5lb 3/8; 6lb 7/16; 8lb ½ padding

Roll sizes: 6’ x 45’ (30sq yards) per roll.

FHA & CRI Green Label plus testing pending.

​We also carry our regular line of Rebond Padding available in 4 lb, 6 lb and 8 lb density. 


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